Our Wines

Timeless Wines

These wines have been elaborated first by the family Rousseau. They have been vinified in stainless vats and express their flint-based terroirs, mix of minerality and delicacy.

Touraine Noble Joué


Pinot Noir

Côt. Malbec Touraine rouge

Le P’tit Rousseau

Maturing Wines

These vintages have been matured in cellar for one year in 400L oak barrels. The grapes are selected from clayey-siliceous wineyards with limestone only on surface (20 to 50cm). These long-keeping wines have strong and complex profiles.

Noble Joué «Côté Dorée»

Pinot Beurot

Pinot Noir Terra Evéna


Malvoisie L'Entre-Deux

Malvoisie dernier tri

Sparkling Wines

We elaborate all our sparkling wines at the wineyard. They are made with . slow refermentation in bottles, only with sugars naturally present in the grapes, which gives fineness and elegance.

1ères Bulles sans soufre rajouté

Brut Sensation

Délires de bulles Rosé et Blanc

Bulles De Raisin